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Welcome to our boxing hub page. Below you’ll find everything you need to improve your boxing skills, and become a better boxer. We’ve spent countless hours putting together the most in-depth, un-biased buying guides for all things boxing. We’ve also partnered with experienced boxers to bring you the best content on all things boxing, including training guides, nutrition and recovery, mindset, and everything in between.

Whether you need a new pair of boxing gloves or headgear, or want to learn advanced boxing steps or combox; we’ve got you covered.

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best punching bag

Best Punching Bags for Boxing

Best Punching Bags: Heavy Bags, Beginner Bags, and Everything In Between If you’ve spent any time in combat sports you’ve noticed that punching bags are in every gym. From boxing to Tae Kwon Do, bag work is an important part of any art that involves striking. The reason heavy bags

Man with boxing headgear and strong body.

Best Boxing Headgear of 2022: Reviews of the top 8

8 Best Boxing Headgear options of 2022 (Protect Your Head) Boxing headgear isn’t exactly the most glamorous bit of boxing gear, it’s the one thing between your opponent’s fist, and your face. So it makes sense to find out what makes for good boxing headgear, and what the best examples

man punching a heavy bag with gloves

Best Heavy Bag Gloves for Boxing

Best Heavy Bag Gloves For Boxing Training It doesn’t matter if you are training just for cardio at home, practicing Muay Thai, or are preparing for an amateur MMA fight, the heavy bag is omnipresent in combat sports. However, if you try to get an intense training session in with

Boxer with shoes punching.

9 Best Boxing Shoes Move Faster At Training – MMA-Today

9 Best Boxing Shoes (Move Faster Than Your Opponent) The absolute quickest way to take the next step up in your boxing training is to get the best boxing shoes. We judge the 9 best boxing shoes that will elevate your footwork, and bring a whole new dimension to your