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How Long Do Boxing Gloves Last and When Should You Replace Them?

Your hand has 27 small bones that are fragile and need proper protection. Pressure from a boxing training session can hurt both your hand and wrist, and this is why you will always need to wear protective gloves. The best boxing gloves guarantee that your hands are in perfect health without putting too much pressure on your pockets.

How long should boxing gloves last?

Boxing gloves last between one and three years, depending on various factors. Heavy bag training gloves may last less, depending on how often you train. The chances are high that you will need several pairs of gloves for different functions. Here are some of the factors that determine how long your boxing gloves will last:


Expensive gloves such as Cleto Reyes are popular among experienced boxers, and they last longer than cheaper brands. However, longevity is not in the price. Expensive gloves, made of high-quality materials, give them a longer life.

As a first time buyer, you can start with a cheaper pair and look for something more durable as you advance in your training. If you cannot get a suitable multi-purpose pair of gloves for your practice, brands such as Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves, Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves, Century Strive Washable Boxing Gloves or Sanabul Essential Boxing Gloves.

Training level

If you are starting your first pair of gloves will likely last longer than two years because of the pressure you put on them when punching. As a beginner, your punches will be lighter and hence protect the glove from tearing. The more experienced you become, the faster they are going to wear out.

Oh, and you should also be using boxing headgear and shoes when you begin!

Training method

It is essential to buy the right gloves for your training. Lighter gloves are suitable for spurring, and they tend to last longer than those used on punching bags.

Care and maintenance

How do you take care of your gloves? Boxing gloves require proper care if they are going to serve you. Heat, cold, harsh chemicals and moisture will detract from the longevity of your gloves. Avoid exposing them to too much heat, freezing them, or keeping them moist.

When should you replace your boxing gloves?

Is it time to replace your boxing gloves? No matter how good or expensive your gloves are, you must replace them one day. As you advance in your training, you are likely to replace your gloves more frequently.

People start replacing theirs after one year. However, various factors determine whether it is the right time to buy new ones. Here are signs that you need to change your pair boxing gloves:

  1. Signs of tearing
  2. After 1-2 years of training, you are likely to need a new pair
  3. When they start producing a bad odor.

How to extend their life

If there is a pair you love and do not want to lose it, you can always use it better to keep it around for another year. Follow the following tips to give your gloves longer life:

Buy the right type for your training needs

Sparring gloves last longer than those for heavy bag training. Lighter gloves are suitable for sparring, MMA training, and competitions, while padded ones are great for mitts and heavy bags. If you are not sure how you will be using your gloves, buy an all-purpose pair.

You won’t need them if you’re just training with a heavy bag – but you will need these.

Buy the right size

The harder your punches, the quicker you will need a replacement. However, buying the right size for your weight can go a long way in keeping your gloves intact for a few extra months. While 8 oz, 10 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz gloves are trendy, it is good to use heavier gloves for professional matches as they have more padding for better protection. However, smaller sizes help you throw the punches faster hence making them ideal for competitions. If you are 45 kg and below, 8-10 oz would be adequate. On the other hand, 10-12 oz is suitable for people who weigh 46-54kg, 12-14 oz is ideal for those who weigh 55-68kg, 14-26 oz for those weighing 69-82kg, while 16 oz and above are suitable for boxers weighing 84kg and above.

You will need to measure your hand circumference to determine the right size for you, especially if you are buying online. Measure your hand in inches, without wearing wraps. Remember that sparring gloves will need to be bigger for flexibility.

Proper care

Lastly, take good care of your gloves. Clean them with natural cleaning agents and avoid using Clorox or bleaches. Always keep your gloves dry, and avoid keeping them in the sun. Do not keep them in a tightly sealed bag as this will make them smell. Always keep them in your boxing bag. Head here for more boxing articles.

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