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Once upon a time MMA Today was one of the largest mixed martial arts publications on the internet. For years we covered mixed martial arts fights results, news, opinions and events in the space.

But as mixed martial arts increased in popularity around the world, two things happened: the MMA news space become over-crowded, and the desire of the common man to learn, train and improve in MMA as a hobby increased.


In mid 2019 we decided it was time to make a change. With over a decade of experience in MMA our team felt like it was time to shift focus and start providing information to help non-professional mixed martial artists all around the world.

Years of exposure to the MMA world, combined with training in all forms of the sport got us thinking; we should review the increasing amount of products appearing in the space: gear and courses. By doing this, we could help thousands of new, budding mixed martial artists with less experience than us to make fewer mistakes when training, and buying products or information in the space.

So here we are – rebuilding from MMA Today from scratch, to serve you: the mixed martial artist who wants to make the right decisions, and improve as fast as possible. You’ll find guides that show you how to choose the right equipment; how to train effectively, and how to learn to improve in MMA, and in life.

All of our reviews and guides are written by experienced mixed martial artists who live and breathe MMA.


Our mission is to become the #1 resource for Mixed Martial artists all over the world to come and learn and improve. We won’t be covering new or fight results moving forward; there is enough of that already.

Aside from the MMA gear reviews, you’ll find MMA course reviews, MMA courses for sale (in partnership with world class practitioners), and guides to help you improve your general MMA fitness and health.

Look out for MMA today at conferences and exhibitions in the future.

We are growing, and are currently looking to add members to our family. If you’re an experienced mixed martial artist practitioner with a passion for teaching, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here, or check out our careers pages here.