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Welcome to the MMA (mixed martial arts) hub of MMA-Today.com. Below you’ll find articles, guides and reviews to help you understand the MMA world, and improve as a mixed martial artist. We’ve documented fighter profiles and careers, and published gear reviews.

MMA Fighters

Who is the greatest MMA fighter of all time? How many MMA fighters are there? Whats happening in the space right now? Who gets paid the most? We answer all these questions, and more, in our MMA fighter hub. We’ve taken a look at the greatest MMA fighters, and a deeper look into some of the most successful names in the space.

MMA Gear and equipment guides and reviews

Looking for some new training gear, but not sure where to start? We don’t blame you. With thousands of options on the market, the simple exercise of choosing something has become overwhelming. Below you’ll find in-depth buying guides and reviews of the best MMA gear and equipment available. The best part – all written by MMA experts with years of experience in the field. We’ve made mistakes, so you don’t have to…

MMA Guides

Whats happening in the world of MMA? news, options, stories, and entertainment…you’ll find all of these below in this section.