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man punching a heavy bag with gloves

Best Heavy Bag Gloves for Boxing

Best Heavy Bags For Boxing Training It doesn’t matter if you are training just for cardio at home, practicing Muay Thai, or are preparing for an amateur MMA fight, the heavy bag is omnipresent in combat sports. However, if you try to get an intense training session in with the wrong pair of gloves your

best boxing gloves

Best Boxing Gloves: 7 top picks of 2020

The 7 Best Boxing Gloves of 2020 (Punch like the Pros) Finding the best boxing gloves can be tough – where do you even start when there are so many brands fighting for your attention? We’ve come to your corner to guide you through what makes a great boxing glove, and which ones we think

best punching bag

Best Punching Bags for Boxing

Best Punching Bags: Heavy Bags, Beginner Bags, and Everything In Between If you’ve spent any time in combat sports you’ve certainly noticed that punching bags are ubiquitous. From boxing to Tae Kwon Do, bag work is an important part of any art that involves striking. The reason heavy bags are so common is that they

The 5 Best MMA Fighters of all Time

Here are the 5 Best MMA and UFC fighters of all time Who is the best MMA fighter of all time? Well, how long is a piece of string? a popular question, but not as simple as throwing out a name. Everyone has their favorites for the MMA G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) – read

Best Muay Thai Shin Guards

The 8 Best Muay Thai Shin Guards of 2020 Perhaps you’ve seen videos of professional Muay Thai fighters conditioning their shins by kicking down banana trees or bending rebar with a Thai kick? While these are impressive feats of strength and pain tolerance, the reality is that most of us don’t need to subject our

Kissing MMA gloves

Best muay thai gloves: 2020 reviews (kick boxing gloves)

The 7 best Muay Thai and Kickboxing gloves, reviewed Whether you’re just starting out on your journey into Muay Thai or you’re a seasoned veteran, wearing the best Muay Thai gloves for your needs is a great way to get the most out of your training. This review is focused on entry and mid-level models

The 9 Best MMA Gloves of 2020 (For Competition, Training and Sparring)

The 9 Best MMA Gloves of 2020 (For Competition, Training and Sparring) The right MMA gloves are important to not only train harder and smarter, but to stay injury free. You’re looking for the best MMA gloves, and we’ve listed the best of the best for each MMA discipline. Take a look at our list

Best Mouth guard for MMA, Boxing, BJJ and Muay Thai (Unbiased Reviews)

Which is Best Mouth guard for MMA, Boxing, BJJ and Muay Thai? A good MMA mouthguard is perhaps your most important piece of training equipment when it comes to safety. Without the right mouthguard, you’re at high risk of losing a tooth, or worse. We take a look at the 7 best mouthguards for MMA

5 Best MMA gyms in the world: Where do the Best Train?

Here are the 5 Best MMA Gyms and training camps in the world Only two fighters get in the cage to battle in a fight, and as a result, mixed-martial-arts is often referred to as an individual sport. But, any serious fan or martial artist knows the sport’s top fighters typically come from the best

How To Become a UFC Fighter

How to Become a UFC Fighter (Pro MMA Fighter Path) Millions dream of making it, and yet only a few hundred MMA fighters actually get to compete in the UFC. So how do you do you become a professional MMA fighter, and is there a real path to the UFC? Read on as we tell

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