The Best BJJ Gi Brands Of 2020 (for training and competition jiu jitsu)

You’re looking for the best BJJ gi, but stumbling across a gi clearance sales is a rare occasion, therefore you have to search online. Only problem is, there are over 260 on the market, and likely just a handful of those will be the right choice for you.

So many choices leaves you overwhelmed, and the chance of wasting your money on the wrong gi is high. We’ve rounded up top ten Jiu Jitsu Gis from the best brands here to help make your life easier.

We’ve chosen something for everyone – whether you need something for a specific body type, or something that will last longer than you do.

First we’ll make sense of the typical jargon you see when buying a gi for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This helps in making the right choice. If you just want to see this list, click here now.

Deciphering BJJ Gi Jargon

2 men bjj rolling in white gis.

Here are 5 terms you need to understand when looking for your first gi. Pay close attention if you’re a white belt as you don’t want to screw this up. You may be tempted to skip this section, but you shouldn’t. Understanding exactly what you are buying when choosing a gi is important. If you don’t, the whole process will confuse you and you’ll probably make the wrong choice. 

Material: Cotton vs Bamboo vs Hemp

Your first gi will be your most expensive item of your BJJ gear, so it makes sense to learn about what you’re buying. They can even be more expensive than a grappling dummy.

The three main materials you will find in gi construction are cotton, hemp, and bamboo.

Cotton was the original gi material and still remains the most popular gi material by far. Since it is such a commonly used material, it is the most cost effective. Further, cotton is also a strong and breathable material; very important factors when it comes to choosing a gi. That said, cotton has a tendency to shrink quite a bit and future shrinkage should always be kept in mind when buying a gi.

Bamboo and hemp gis have recently entered the market. These are said to be stronger, more durable, and more breathable compared to cotton with natural anti-microbial properties. The anti-microbial properties are a big selling point considering the risk of skin infections from grappling. However, these gis tend to occupy a very premium price point as well.


The weave of the gi refers to the method that the material threads are woven together.

The weave of the gi will influence its weight and durability, and some weave types are NOT suitable for IBJJF competitions…

Besides the single weave (the worst), here are the most common types of weaves that you will encounter are:


SINGLE weave
The single weave is the cheapest and lightest weaves. Light? Yes. Durable? Nope.Great starter gis for those who aren’t sure if they will be training BJJ for the long term

DOUBLE weave
The double weave = the heaviest type of weave. This results in a thick and heavy gi, almost like a competition judo gi.Double weave gi’s are very durable and heavy – great for long term use and cold climates.

GOLD weave
The gold weave is a cross between single and double weaves. Stronger and more durable than a single weave but not as heavy as a double weave.More expensive than either single or double weaves. But they last the distance – so a great all rounder gi for home use.

PEARL weave
Most popular weaves around today. It makes for a lightweight, flexible, and breathable yet durable gi; perfect for training. This is a fast drying gi too!Comes pre-shrunk, but costs more.Great all rounder gi for home based training and hotter climates.

RIP STOP weave
Specially interwoven nylon fabric – very resistant to tearing. Extremely lightweight and are thus ideal as a travel gi or training in very hot climates.Not all ripstop gis are IBJJF legal as the weave gives the gi a very slippery feeling.Best for traveling and hot climates.

GSM (Grams per square meter)

GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter and gives you a gauge of just how heavy a gi is. And while this seems like something you can use to calculate a gi’s precise weight, that is not the case.

Use a gi’s GSM number as a general indicator, not a precise measurement. Often you will see gis with similar weaves but different GSM values.


Some gis are reinforced at the points where tears commonly happen. The most common point of reinforcement is at the knees of the gi pants and the shoulder / neck area. However some gis may reinforce other areas such as the collar as well.


Many gi companies offer different cuts for gis. The most common are slim, lanky, and husky; these will usually be denoted by a letter at the end of the gi size. For example A2L for lanky and A3H for husky.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Choosing a Gi​

A cool Bjj gi is not enough…you’ll likely spend lots of your life in this thing! Spend 5 minutes asking yourself the following questions before choosing a gi.

How Often Will I Train?

At most academies, you’ll have people who train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as little as once a week to the mat rats who hit seven or more training sessions a week.

If you lean toward the casual side, something a bit more lightweight and comfortable may be more up your alley.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu  gym with men rolling in blue gis and man watching in white gi.

On the other hand, if you are on the mats every day, or training something demanding like Judo, then a thicker and more durable gi that you can use multiple times per week may be more ideal. If you are planning on training many times per week you probably want to look into headgear to help prevent the chances of cauliflower ear.

What’s My Local Training Temperature?

Even the lightest gi is thicker than the average sweater. Adjust the type of your gi according to the local temperature.

In the summer or if you’re in a tropical climate, opt for lightweight gis, such as pearl weaves. This is important, especially as not all academies have air conditioning. If you’ve ever trained in a thick and heavy gi in a hot and humid climate, you know just how torturous it can be.

Jiu-jitsu is hard enough as is; no need to make it even more difficult!

What’s My Body Type?

Choosing the wrong cut of gi for your body type may result in sleeves and lapels that are too long for your body and pants that hang too high or low on your ankles.

In addition to simply making you look unfashionable, it may make your gi illegal for tournaments.

…Which brings us to our next point….

Will I Use This Gi for Tournaments?

Most BJJ athletes have designated ‘competition gis’ that they favor. Often, these competition gis are simply gis that have been patched up with the logos of their team and sponsors.

However, there are some things you have to be meticulous on when buying a competition gi; namely the length of sleeves and lapels.

Most tournaments perform gi checks before a match and the IBJJF is notorious for being strict in this area. Refer to their official gi guidelines here.

Are There Any Local Gym Rules That May Affect My Purchase?

While most BJJ academies are pretty lax when it comes to gi policy, many academies also have an official uniform policy. The strictest form of this is only allowing ‘official academy gis’ on the mat (a controversial policy as it is clearly a profit-based motive).

Looser forms also apply, for example, Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools only allow white and blue gis while the Mendes brothers’ Art of Jiu-Jitsu academy only allows white ones.

Make sure you know your academy’s uniform policy, if any, before making a purchase.

The 10 Best BJJ Gi Options in 2020:


FUJI All Around Brazilian
Jiu-Jitsu Gi

Sanabul Essentials Version 2 GiBudget$Cotton

TatamiZero G V3 BJJ GiLightweight$$Cotton

Fuji Suparaito GiLightweight$$Cotton

Datsusara Hemp Combat GiComfort$$$Hemp

Flow Kimonos Hemp GiComfort$$$Hemp

Hypnotik Pro 2.0 GiStocky
body type

Hypnotik Base Jiu-jitsu GiLanky body type$Cotton

Gameness Elite GiAverage$$$Cotton

Hayabusa Goorudo 3 GiAverage$$Cotton

Now that we’ve clarified the gi terminology and the common questions you should ask yourself before buying one, let’s move on to the next question:

Which gi should you buy? 

Even after understanding the jargon and answering those questions, you still have way too many options.

Fortunately, after hours of careful research perusing dozens of gis both online and in person, we have identified the ten most loved BJJ gi’s of 2020. And to make things even easier, we’ve separated them into different categories as well.

No question about it, BJJ gis aren’t cheap. But these budget gis will give you the best price to quality ratios out there.

1. FUJI All Around Gi – Budget Pick

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves
  • Material: Cotton
  • Weave: Single weave
  • Colors: Black, blue, white, pink, navy
  • Best Suited For: Those looking for a high quality starter gi
  • Price Range: $


The Good

  • Highly reinforced, more so than even more expensive gis.
  • Soft and comfortable.

The Not so Good

  • Prone to shrinking

Coming in at a highly affordable price point, this single weave gi is the most recommended ‘value gi’ on the market. This is a great first gi if you’re just getting into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Don’t mistake the affordable price for a lack of quality.

The material might be only single weave and the design plain, but this gi is highly reinforced.

The cuffs are triple stitched and taped with a strip of twill cotton. Each seam in the jacket is also reinforced with twill tape, something most other gis neglect. The base jacket hems and side vents are also similarly reinforced.

The pants are reinforced by a double layer covering the knee to ankle area. This is contrast to most reinforced gi pants in which only the knees are reinforced. When kneeling, the entire area from the knee to the ankle is in contact with the ground, making the entire area a stress point. The cuff of the pants is also reinforced with twill tape and triple stitched.

Finally, while this gi is not as light as you would think (~1.7 to 2kg), it is soft and comfortable for extended training. That being said, this gi is known to experience significant shrinkage, so consider ‘sizing up’ when buying this one.

2. Sanabul Essentials Version 2 Gi

Sanabul Women's Essential Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi
  • Material: Cotton
  • Weave: Ultra-lightweight pearl weave
  • Colors: White, Black, Pink
  • Best Suited For: Those looking for the most affordable bjj gi around.
  • Price Range: $


The Good

  • One of the lowest priced on the market.
  • Preshrunk ultra-lightweight pearl weave material.

The Not so Good

  • Embroidery frays easily.
  • Too easy to grip.

Sanabul is a newer bjj gi company that almost exclusively sells via Amazon. One of the lowest price gis on the market, period.

Despite this low price, the material isn’t single weave but rather an ultra-lightweight pearl weave. The lightweight weave brings the total weight of the gi in around the 1.5kg to 1.7kg range.

This bjj gi is reinforced in the typical areas in the jacket and the pants to compensate for the ultra-lightweight material. However, some users have noted that the bjj gi material is extremely easy to grip, which would be a plus for your opponent. Hence, this may not be the best gi to use for a competition. It is more suited for travelling and hot climates, however.

Sanabul advertises this gi as having a tapered and athletic cut with little to on bagginess. While this makes for a snazzy fit, it also means that this bjj gi tends to run a little small. Further, other users have noted that the embroidery on the gi tends to fray rather quickly.

3. Tatami Zero G V3 BJJ Gi – best lightweight gi

Tatami Zero G V3 BJJ Gi
  • Material: Cotton
  • Weave: Pearl weave
  • Colors: White, Blue
  • Best Suited For: Those looking for a sturdy lightweight gi
  • Price Range: $$


The Good

  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Can be thrown in a dryer.
  • Stylish design.

The Not so Good

  • Fit can run a little too long and roomy.

If you train in a hot climate or simply a gym with no air-conditioning, you’ll want a lightweight gi.

The Zero G V3 is Tatami’s third incarnation of their popular Zero G line and by all accounts it’s the best one yet. The jacket is made out of 475gsm pearl weave with rip-stop cotton covering the collar and lapels. The areas under the armpits and behind the side vents are also reinforced.

The jacket uses contrast stitching, giving it a stylish look. The cuffs are also lined with folded seam tape bearing the Zero G logo, adding to the stylish look.

In the V3, Tatami has opted to make their bjj gi pants out of 11oz ripstop cotton instead of the standard twill cotton. The pants are also double reinforced.

Weight-wise, you should understand that 475gsm for the jacket and 11oz for the pants makes this slightly heavier than most lightweight gis. This is the slight tradeoff you get for having such a sturdy and well-constructed gi. A minor tradeoff, but a tradeoff nonetheless. The gi weighs in the 1.5kg range.

As for fit, many have commented that the Tatami is a ‘roomier’ fit, which may or may not be to your liking. The skirt of the bjj gi is also a little longer than standard. One bonus however is that you can throw this bjj gi in the dryer and experience minimal shrinkage.

4. Fuji Suparaito Gi

Fuji Suparaito BJJ Gi, Blue - A2
  • Material: Cotton
  • Weave: Pearl weave
  • Colors: Blue
  • Best Suited For: Those looking for a lightweight competition gi
  • Price Range: $$


The Good

  • Very minimal shrinkage.
  • Material doesn’t stretch when wet.
  • Highly tapered fit with a short skirt.

The Not so Good

  • Minor fraying after some use.

Fuji is a very well known jiu jitsu gi brand for good reason; they consistently make quality gis at fair prices. So it’s no surprise to see another Fuji bjj gi in our top picks. The Suparaito (superlight in Japanese) gi is Fuji’s lightweight offering and is made from a pearl weave fabric that is about a 420gsm.

The jacket’s side vents are reinforced with both tape and ripstop material, while the collar is covered in ripstop cotton as well. The interior of the cuffs is also lined with tape with the Suparaito logo. The popular contrast stitching design applies here, giving the gi a sharp look although the overall aesthetic is quite minimalist.

The pants are ripstop cotton and are triple reinforced from the knee down. The crotch area is also reinforced.

Fit wise, this gi is very tapered. The skirt is definitely on the shorter side, which some competitors perceive as an advantage but may be a disadvantage depending on your body type. The gi also exhibits one of the least amount of shrinkage when compared to the market.

The material of the gi is also noted not to stretch when wet, making grip breaking much easier. It also allows the gi to maintain its tapered form during sweaty rolling sessions. However, some minor fraying at the seams has been mentioned by various users after some use, although this did not affect the functionality of the gi.

5. Datsusara Hemp Combat Bjj Gi – best hemp bjj gi

The Datsusara  hemp gi. Is this the best bjj gi?
  • Material: Hemp
  • Weave: Hemp
  • Colors: White, blue, back
  • Best Suited For: Those looking for a strong and sturdy hemp gi
  • Price Range: $$$


The Good

  • Extra durable and breathable
  • Gets more comfortable with each wash
  • Anti-microbial

The Not so Good

  • Initially rough
  • Significant shrinkage
  • Baggy fit

Hemp gis are relatively new on the gi market. But as the public becomes more and more aware of the beneficial properties of hemp, they are quickly gaining in popularity.

Datsusara is the pioneer in the market when it comes to hemp gis and they’ve only been improving their product offering since. By the way, Datsusara is Japanese for ‘to leave the corporate worker’s life’.

The gi itself is a 580gsm 100% hemp weave, so don’t expect a light gi. This is a sturdy construction that comes with reinforced areas at the front breast and the interior of the armpit. The stitching is hemp as well, meaning that this is one strong gi!

Due to the properties of hemp, this gi starts off on the rougher side. However, it actually gets softer and more comfortable with each wash, in contrast to cotton gis. The gi feels soft; it has been described as ‘heavy linen’. However, some training partners have complained about the rough feeling of rolling with someone with a hemp gi. This should go away after a few washes.

Being naturally anti-microbial, this gi will not stink as much as your cotton gi. That doesn’t mean you can just leave it in your car after a session, but you will probably find the smell a little more palatable if you do. In addition, this gi feels more breathable compared to a cotton gi of similar weight.

6. Flow Kimonos Hemp Gi – most comfortable Bjj gi

Flow Kimonos Air BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi
  • Material: Hemp
  • Weave: Hemp
  • Colors: White, blue, black
  • Best Suited For: Those looking for lighter hemp gi
  • Price Range: $$$


The Good

  • Extra durable and breathable
  • Gets more comfortable with each wash
  • Anti-microbial
  • Good variety of cuts

The Not so Good

  • Initially rough bjj gi – requires ‘breaking in’
  • Significant shrinkage

The hemp gi by Flow Kimonos is a premium product. The jacket is 550gsm 100% hemp with 11oz hemp twill pants. The jacket is reinforced in the side vent areas while the cuff has four rows of stitching. Similarly, the pants’ cuffs have six rows of stitching plus double reinforcement from the mid-thigh to mid-shin area.

This gi is lighter compared to the Datsusara, ranging from 1.3kg to 1.7kg. However, we should note that both Datsusara and Flow are known to have collaborated on the hemp gis so there are plenty of similarities. Reviewers have noted that the Flow hemp gi has less lint shedding issues compared to the Datsusara, however. The Flow design is also slightly flashier.

Flow also offers varying fits for the gi with nine different sizes including specific cuts for lanky and husky builds. You should be aware that just like the Datsusara, the Flow hemp gi also experiences significant shrinkage.

Other than that, the Flow hemp gi has all the attributes of a good hemp gi: a soft and comfortable feel that gets better with every wash, naturally anti-microbial properties, and extra breathability.

7. Hypnotik Pro 2.0 Gi – best bjj gi for stocky body types.

  • Material: Cotton
  • Weave: Pearl weave
  • Best Suited For: Stocky people looking for a sturdy training gi
  • Price Range: $$

The Good

  • Heavy, durable, yet comfortable
  • Great value for money

The Not so Good

  • Might be too loose fitting for some
  • Possible color fading

If you’re of the stocky build, wearing a poorly fitted gi is a nightmare. Your hands may be stuck inside the sleeves and you can look like a kid in oversized pajamas. Enter the Hypnotik Pro 2.0.

The Hypnotik Pro 2.0 Gi is the MMA Warehouse in-store gi brand. Made from 550gsm pearl weave fabric for the jacket and a heavy 12oz canvas pants, this is a heavy and durable gi. All stress points across the gi are reinforced with triple stitching and overlapping seams. The heavy pants also come with double reinforced knee padding.

What makes this gi suitable for stocky athletes is the fit. Multiple customers have reported that this gi is a ‘baggy’ fit, making it perfect for our stocky brethren! And since most stocky people tend to be top players, they need a heavy durable gi for smashing guard players.

While the design of this gi isn’t that flashy, some people may find the large prominent Hypnotik logo somewhat off-putting. Some users have also reported excessive fading for the colored versions of the gi. (side note – bjj gi colors sometimes have meanings based on the academy)

8. Hypnotik Base Jiu-jitsu Gi – best bjj gi for lanky body types

  • Material: Cotton
  • Weave: Pearl weave
  • Best Suited For: Lanky people looking for a budget gi
  • Price Range: $

The Good

  • Great quality for the price
  • Good lightweight starter gi

The Not so Good

  • Issues with loose stitching and threading
  • Possible color fading in navy models

Lanky people are a terror to deal with on the mats, especially in the gi! However, they also find it tough finding a bjj gi that fits them well. This one’s for you.

As you can tell by the name, this is Hypnotik’s base level gi. Made out of 425gsm pearl weave fabric with 10oz twill pants, this gi is definitely on the lighter side. Nevertheless it comes with adequate reinforcements: fabric taping around the side vents and sleeve cuffs, with everything triple stitched.

The pants, being 10oz, are on the lighter side and those used to heavier pants might find it a little strange at first. It comes with double reinforced knee padding.

Many users have noted just how long the fit can be. While this resulted in a lot mismatched sizing for average people, lanky people found it fit just fine. A word of caution, despite the length, many have reported that it feels a little snug around the chest area.

While this gi is of decent quality, there have been issues with some loose threads and stitches, although none that affected the overall performance of the gi. And just like the Hypnotik Pro 2.0 gi, some users have also reported excessive color fading, especially for the navy models.

9. Gameness Elite Gi – best bjj gi for competition

Gameness Jiu Jitsu Elite Gi
  • Material: Cotton
  • Weave: Pearl weave
  • Colors: white, blue.
  • Best Suited For: Those looking for the ultimate competition gi
  • Price Range: $$$


The Good

  • Top shelf quality and durability
  • Stylish inner rashguard lining for comfort and moisture absorption

The Not so Good

  • Heavier than some would prefer

The Gameness Elite Gi has been the company’s premium offering for quite a few years now, and the 2015 version is its best yet. Make no mistake about it, this is a premium gi offered at a premium price. The jacket is a 550gsm pearl weave but it comes with a stylish inner rashguard lining which adds to its overall weight.

The inner rashguard lining, which covers the entire inner gi jacket up to the elbows, makes this gi stand out almost as a luxury gi. Not only does it help wick away sweat, it brings an extra level of comfort when rolling. The rashguard lining is also made to stretch alongside the gi and many users have reported rolling for years in the gi with no tears in the lining.

While this gi is not as heavily reinforced as some of the more premium gis on the market, the reinforcements are more than adequate. Durability is not an issue with this gi, it is ideal for both everyday training and competition.

The pants are also heavy; 12oz ripstop pants with stretch cord drawstring. The material is a cotton/polyester blend as polyester provides it with a higher resistance to shrinkage.

10. Hayabusa Goorudo 3 Gi

Hayabusa Goorudo 3 Gold Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi
  • Material: Cotton
  • Weave: Gold weave
  • Colors: black, blue, grey, white
  • Best Suited For: Those looking for flashier mid-range gi
  • Price Range: $$


The Good

  • Strong and durable gold weave
  • Eye catching design

The Not so Good

  • Might be too heavy for warmer climates or everyday training

The Goruudo is one of Hayabusa’s signature gis and is now in its third incarnation. This is their premium gi, made from a 550gsm gold weave with 12oz twill cotton pants. This means that this is a heavy gi, and Hayabusa specifically markets it as a competition gi. In fact, this name is one of the best in the market.

As befits a competition gi, the Goruudo has reinforced stress points throughout the jacket and pants to resist pulling and tugging. The choice of gold weave over the more common pearl weave also gives the gi an element of extra durability, but also adds to its weight.

If you don’t like flashy gis, you won’t like this one. Other than the standard contrast stitching, the gi comes embroidered with bold kanji characters. The kanjis are the Japanese words for courage, strength, pride, and respect.

The Bottom Line

We’ve now shown you ten of the best jiu jitsu gi brands of 2020. If you read our reviews and the pros and cons carefully, you can’t go wrong. That being said, everyone likes a clear winner. So which is the best gi?

Our number one pick has got to be the Gameness Elite Gi. 

Gameness Jiu Jitsu Elite Gi

Yes, this is premium gi and comes with premium pricing. But this is a supremely high quality gi that will last you for years; a gi you can use in both training and competition.

And because it’s also probably one of the most comfortable gis ever made due to the inner lining, it will likely end up as a top pick in your personal gi rotation.

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